SHIFT838 Volume 3 No 1 Is Here!

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Subject: SHIFT838 Volume 3 No 1 Is Here!
Date: February 15th 2017

SHIFT838 Newsletter

This newsletter is dedicated to the ongoing support for the Texas Instruments TI-99/4A and Myarc Geneve 9640 user community and is published by SHIFT838.

Welcome to Volume #3 Issue #1 of the SHIFT838 Newsletter!

The newsletter will only be published in PDF format for now on as it takes triple the time to publish in a web view, pdf view and DV80 view. Newsletter e-mails will now only a link to the newsletter.

I will be sending the newsletter out only from now on.

To access the current newsletter click on the below link.

Note: Microsoft EDGE browser has issues opening PDF files! Please open in different browser

The Error states:

'Couldn't open PDF'
'Something’s keeping this PDF from opening.'

There is a quick fix for it.

Left click on the 3 dots at top right of Edge browser then click on open with Internet Explorer. You will then have to navigate back to the main page and the newsletter section, then click on the PDF newsletter link. Adds a couple of seconds but works. Or you can just downloaded it from the FTP site with a FTP client and view.

Also please take note that home of SHIFT838 has moved! It is now being hosted within a sub-domain of 99'

Richard Polvika who host has graciously offered to host my SHIFT838 website. One of the limitations that has been overcome by hosting on is that now there is no limitation on the CHAT portal. So go chat it up guys! Live chat is there and ready to go.

I am actively working on the site to get all the content moved over. The new address is below:

Thanks to all that have subscribed!

Chris Schneider SHIFT838

FuSiON BBS Connection Information:

Telnet to: Port #: 9640

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